Enlightened Talent Selection
It's all about the QUEST for great talent because great talent drives great organizations! Too often we see HR departments roll the dice on their hiring decisions, instead of striving for the "perfect fit." At OMNIview we are on a QUEST, a fitQuest™ to be exact, to provide HR with accurate and powerful tools that build incredible teams who deliver incredible results!

fitQuest™- Enlightened Talent Selection Software to power your HR department's ...
  • Interview Questions, Guides, and Processes
  • Job and Talent "FIT" Assessments
  • ATS Enhancement
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Visionary Talent Management
Once HR gets the talent in the door, how do you measure whether they are engaged and productive? OMNIview's foreQast™ is the affordable, impactful, and easy-to-use software that does just that!

foreQast™ - Visionary Talent Management Software to power your HR department's ...
  • Performance Management
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Multi-Rater Feedback
  • Succession Planning & High Potential Identification
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The OMNIview Advantage

Getting the right people in the right position at the right time is the difference between simply making it and blowing the doors off your business results.

As important as hiring and retaining the right person is, human resources departments continually "wing it" because they don't have strong processes in place to select AND manage talent. As a result, costly mistakes are made.

We believe OMNIview is the cure for the common "wing it" cold. We are all about making your life easier and helping you get the most "bang for your buck."

You might say we help turn HR departments into talent selection and talent management Superstars! Together, we'll rock, so you can roll!

Other OMNIview Services

OMNIview service offerings complement our fitQuest™ selection management and foreQast™ talent management software. These customizable HR services not only help you get the best out of our software, but also help you develop selection and talent management strategies to increase your HR ROI. How cool is that?

Our OMNI'tudes

It's our values. It's how we operate. It's our commitment to serving you.
These aren't just platitudes, they are OMNI'tudes.

We truly appreciate every customer and love to share our "tude."
We shoot straight, NO B.S.! What you see is what you get, and we stand behind you and believe in what we do!
We're here for the long haul, and our impact is far reaching.
We reach high and strive for greatness in everything we do! How high can you "tude?"
Cause we can't "tude" it loud enough ... we turn up the volume to amplify your business results!
We're smart and we can't wait to share those smarts with you!

The OMNIpoint of view

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